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Welcome to the 100th District Court

The 100th District Court is a multi-county court of general jurisdiction serving Carson, Childress, Collingsworth, Donley, and Hall Counties. The Court handles felony criminal cases, all types of family matters, and civil disputes within the district.

The District Courtroom of Hall County is located on the third floor of the Hall County Courthouse at 512 W. Main Street, Memphis. 

100th Judicial District Court

Honorable Dale A. Rabe, Jr.

Judge Presiding

100 Avenue E, NW, Box 3, Childress, Texas 79201

Tel: (904) 937-7070

Fax: (904) 937- 7047

Court Coordinator, Rosalind Puentez


Any individual affected by any notice, docket call, setting, or subpoena who is required to appear in the 100th District Court and may be considered a vulnerable individual should contact the 100th District Court Coordinator, Tammy Brinson, at 806-874-0122 in order to make arrangements for accommodations. The court will seek to accommodate vulnerable individuals in a way to try and keep them safe, including letting vulnerable individuals appear remotely. 

Jury Duty

If you received a jury summons, please visit www.co.hall.tx.us/page/Hall.Jury.Service. for more information. 

Request a Hearing

To request a hearing, please contact the Court Coordinator at (806) 874-0122. Please have the case number, style, and type readily available to provide to the Court Coordinator.