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Hall County Courthouse Restoration



The Commissioners’ Court has, by law, the responsibility of the upkeep, maintenance, and viability of the courthouse and the decision has been made to pursue a complete restoration of our 1923 courthouse.  Of course, you citizens of the county will have a say in this decision.  We hope that you agree when you know all the facts.

The total cost of the restoration at today’s pricing is just under $7 million dollars.  The State of Texas will fund 85% of the cost with the county responsible for 15% of the cost which can be financed by General Obligation Bonds or Certificates of Obligation which are the most common financial instruments. 

We have to have the courthouse rewired electrically.  You will see in the Courthouse Restoration Plan (located below) that the cost of electrical rehabilitation is estimated to be $1,587,775.00 and we would have to pay 50%, $793,887.00, of the cost because it would be designated as an emergency need grant by the Texas Historical Commission.  If we participate in the Courthouse Restoration Program, our total cost would be about $1,050,000.00 for the complete Courthouse Restoration.  Now, I grant you, costs may escalate over the next year and a half.  That is just the way it is.

We can have the entire courthouse fully restored for about $1,050,000.00.  That is not much more than only rewiring the courthouse, which would be about $793,887.00.  This amount would not even touch all the money to repair/replace all of the old plumbing, electrical needs, courthouse steps, heating and air conditioning, the roof, leaks around the windows, the foundation, replacing the crumbling masonry, making the courthouse and restrooms wheelchair-accessible, plus other problems.  It just makes sense to accept the money from the Texas Historical Commission and get everything taken care of at once.  It will save us as citizens considerable money.

For more information, please contact the County Judge, Ray Powell, at (806)259-2511.

Hall County Courthouse Restoration Plan

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